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Full description includes timecodes. Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate is here! Here’s all the Friendship finishing moves, including the new ones. Rain’s Friendship made me laugh hart.

0:00 Baraka
0:23 Cassie Cage
0:51 Cetrion
1:12 D’vorah (totally looks like she’s going for a Fatality here
1:36 Erron Black (tbh, I’m underwhelmed)
2:01 Frost (that’s so creepy! It will never get out of my mind!)
2:23 Fujin
2:46 Geras
3:11 Jacqui
3:36 Jade
3:57 Jax (a reference to the Sax Guy meme and the MK movie theme)
4:24 Johnny Cage
4:49 Joker (the only Friendship which isn’t on purpose)
5:13 Kabal
5:38 Kitana (the Friendship’s name is a reference to Frozen)
6:02 Kollektor
6:26 Kano (I could watch that one forever)
6:53 Kotal Kahn
7:13 Kung Lao
7:35 Liu Kang
8:01 Meleena
8:31 Nightwolf
8:53 Noob Saibot (hilarious)
9:11 Raiden (a reference to America’s Got Talent and an MK11 trailer)
9:37 Rain
10:00 Rambo
10:28 Robocop
10:58 Scorpion
11:18 Shang Tsung (imaginaaaation)
11:39 Shao Khan
11:59 Sheeva
12:26 Sindel
12:48 Skarlet
13:13 Sonya
13:39 Spawn (Deadpool? Is that you?)
14:02 Sub-Zero
14:25 The Terminator

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