Kronika sucks so much that I made a part 2 for her. And in Aftermath it somehow gets worse for her. That’s a real achievement…I think? XD

This has been a crazy ride for me! Originally, this was suppose to be a 4 video series. But somehow I’ve made more then 10 now!! The MK11 SUCKS series has been a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoyed the finale. This is NOT the end of my MK stuff though. I’ll be tuning out more exciting stuff in 2021 XD

WHY I WON’T BE DOING MORE MK11 SUCKS VIDEOS : I still get a lot requests on other characters that I haven’t made a video on. But I mainly have 3 reasons why I won’t do anymore. 1. I’ve pretty much covered them in my other SUCKS videos (Jade, Shao Kahn, Sindel, Raiden) For example, in my KK SUCKS video I not only talk about why KK sucks. I also mention Shao Kahn, Jade and Kitana. If I made another video about these characters. I’d pretty much just repeat the same things I said in my KK SUCKS video. 2. I don’t really think they suck (Cetrion, Scorpion) Though these characters may have been weak or got defeated. I feel like I wouldn’t have a lot to talk about. When I make a video, I like to get into more stuff about these characters. And not just “they got defeated so they suck”. 3. Same opinion as Noob Saibot (Skarlet, Baraka, Kabal, Erron Black, Kollector) Basically I would make the same video I did for Noob Saibot. So if you wanna know my opinion on these characters, then just go watch my Noob Saibot SUCKS video. Hope this clarifies why I won’t be making anymore MK11 SUCKS videos. But of course. Never say never, I could always think of something new and do that in the future. But for now. I won’t be doing anymore MK11 SUCKS videos XD

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Mostly Nintendo music, and since they’re blocking people with them. I’d rather not type it here in my description for the company Nintendo to find it more easily 馃槢 If you’d like to know what songs I used, you can DM me directly XD

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