Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate. My Wishlist for the next upcoming Bundle of Kombat Packs.

Note : New Wishlist DLCs for returning MKs and Guests. Following 1st Player Cursor :
00:13 – Kronika
00:22 – Kratos (younger version)(from MK9 Guest)
00:43 – Xena (The Warrior Princess)
00:53 – Sareena
01:04 – Ermac
01:20 – Smoke (human)
01:30 – Takeda
01:40 – Havik
02:19 – The Mask
02:32 – Tanya
02:43 – Cyrax
02:53 – Sektor
03:03 – Hydro
03:31 – Reptile
03:42 – PennyWise (the Dancing Clown)
04:15 – Freddy Krueger (from MK9 Guest)
04:25 – DeadPool (from Marvel Universe)
04:35 – DeathStroke
04:40 – Jason Voorhees (from MKX Guest)
04:57 – Michael Myers
05:19 – Ash William (Evil Dead)
05:29 – Ashrah
06:04 – Li Mei
06:38 – Quan Chi
06:49 – The Descendant of Apep (The Krypt Guy)
07:07 – Harley Quinn (from DC Universe)
07:22 – Kintaro
07:57 – Goro
08:06 – Kratos (older version)(2nd Player Cursor)

I like to call this Character Roster “Mortal Kombat 11 Komplete Edition” (just like MK9 Komplete Editon). There are 37 Original Characters Roster. And there are 27 DLCs and plus 2 more, to the total of 29 DLCs. Everywhere, Fans are talking about Kombat Pack 3 (and 4?), rumors and leaks are flying around. Some rumors are true, and some are not. But i do respect their wishes. And some Fans must’ve had their own wishlist. Here is my Wishlist (video). Whatever you see in this video is not yet confirm, but for entertainment only. But it would be so awesome if a few of them happens to appear in the future of upcoming Kombat Packs.

P1 (Player 1) introduces the new DLCs with Klassic Voice Announcer. While P2 (Player 2) re-introduces mostly the Original 37 Fighters with Animation and with Kronika Voice Announcer, before helping out to welcome the new DLCs. Having 2 Voice Announcers instead of 1, so the video feels more alive (not boring).

This roster is too big for Kombat Pack 3 and KP4 combine. It looks more like a KP6 or KP7, but i don’t think NR (Neather Realm) would go that far. 27 DLCs is too much. 10-15 DLCs is more like it. These are my 27 DLCs Wishlist. If NR were to look for the 15 DLCs for their upcoming Kombat Packs, this roster is where they can find that 15.

And fyi, NR not gonna confirm any characters from Marvel. And Deadpool character is from Marvel. But i still add him onto the roster just for fun, because his name is available from Voice Announcement. Waste of 1 space slot is okay, because 27 DLCs is too much. NR are only gonna draft 10-15 DLCs from here.

Remember guys. These are just a Wishlist and just for fun. We don’t have to take anything too seriously, because this is for entertainment only. Nothing here is confirmed and nothing here is official from the NR yet.

Thank you, guys, for the Subscriptions. I remember there was only 32 (starting out before this video), but now it reach past 50. I wish for 1K, but I’m aiming for only 100 for this video. There are 27 DLCs in this video, but there are spaces for 10 or 12 more, to the total of 37 (or 39) DLCs. The next video i plan to make will feature 37 DLCs along with the original 37 Characters, once the Subscriptions reach past 100.

Which one is your favorite DLC and/or which character you want them to appear in the next Kombat Pack? Feel free to comment and share the video with a friend or anybody you know. And don’t forget to hit that “Subscribe” button, if you like the video or if you see any new DLC that you likes. If not, maybe next time.

(the last 40 seconds of the video is not clear, my apology)