I’m on the fence, I know that this is the highest selling MK game so they would probably want to give it as much DLC as possible, but at the same time Ed Boon has mentioned that MK11 Ultimate gives you “it all” and on the official mk website it said “komplete roster” and another playstation blog said “all 37 characters” and didn’t say “so far”. But thethiny did say that they blocked the datamining tool he uses which wouldn’t make sense if the game was over. At the same time, I feel like more DLC would be false marketing after selling an ultimate edition which makes you think that this is the best version of the game available and gives you a sense that everything is complete.


The DVDCENTER guy’s leak was proven wrong cause Ed Boon has said that the story was over which was one of our biggest leads for more DLC.


There IS 5 more slots in the files though and strangely enough there was a playstation leak for a kombat pack 3 listed at $25 that would presumably have 5 characters which lines up perfectly with the code.

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