Sindel is the latest character I have been trying to main, since I remember liking her in previous MK games. I first started using her in PVE, but I immediately noticed that her slow speed was causing me to lose a lot more than I usually do with other characters. Then I started playing as her in Kombat League (Variation 1) and kept losing over and over again.

The problem with Sindel is that I feel like everyone can see her moves from a mile away. People can see her B2 (where she blasts the ground and sends the opponent flying, which I can combo into) before it lands and immediate crouch block it – usually after I use it once or twice. And it also has a bit of a shorter range, so if I try to do it up close, faster characters can wiff punish me.

Her naginata attacks are great for mixups, but they only work for me when I am far away. If an opponent gets up close to me, then can easily hit me before the first hit lands.

Oh, and it seems like Sindel can’t really do much against zoners in V1 and V2, so some advice on how to deal with that would be nice.

It really seems like I need to change my usual playstyle (which is usually a mix of mid-range and rushdown) in order to get good with Sindel, so if anyone can let me know what I should do to really make this character shine in KL, I would greatly appreciate it.

Unfortunately I don’t have any footage of me playing right now. If you would like, I can make a future post with footage of one of my matches.

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