**v1**. You know those retarded Kabal players that go buzzsaw, buzzsaw, buzzsaw, Nomad Dash? Easy money, right. Well, v1 Rambo is exactly that, except he risks nothing with his combo starter because it doesn’t get him in. And if he gets outzoned somehow, he has a crawl.

**v2**. This is quite literally “zoning for dummies”. You have mid and anti-air projectile with built-in KB. You have claymore to prevent them from just block-dashing their way in.

**v3** is for people who want to play Rambo, but don’t want to play pew-pew. You get loads of grabs and it seems that you get to use every possible up-close mixup except the low/overhead one. Although maybe you also get the low/overhead. Basically v3 Sheeva with reach and without stomp.

Edit: my bad, I forgot that heal is a custom move.

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