I like her, she has some fun moves but her character is kind of… one dimensional but in a villain way. Some of her intro’s are quite humourous but I wish she had more development other than “I am a god, bow before me”

I especially like one intro with Jade “since when was Ignorance a virtue”.

As for combat… it just seems like she is heavily veered in one direction and is very hard to play. Her zoning is fun, but it just comes across as cheesy when they are all you can use. Her combos just don’t do that high of damage and her Krushing blows are, dumb. Other characters, like Scoprion, can chain in multiple krushing blows within a single combo string and do 12 hit combos with equally absurd damage. I have found when I play as Cetrion, I don’t do any Krushing blows in a combo, because they require very specific reactions. Her only combo KB requires you to get a hit in as a Kounter… then her boulder requires the enemy to be in the sky but the time it takes to pick up said boulder and throw, the enemy is already back on the ground.

Game has been out a while so I doubt ANYTHING will change in regards to this, but it sure seems like they focused so heavily on her being able to attack with skills from afar… her close-up game suffers and it quite literally feels crippling when the enemy can just wail on you with quick and easy damage after all the time you spend “zoning”

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