I fucking hate Sheevas in KL. 4 out of 5 times someone will change their character after one match to fucking Sheeva. That dragon halfbred cunt on 180+ ping on WiFi that teabags and fatalities just triggers me extremely. She can delay her fucking stomp, how the fuck can I counter that shit on that turd connection? Want to roll out? Get stomped! Want to delay your wake up? Get stomped! Want to uppercut-fist that bitches ass right before she lands? Get amplified stomped into krushing blow ya cunt! I just learned to hate her passionately with this season’s KL. Why oh why can’t we filter connections? Why can’t I play with good pings when I am wired? Why do I get opponents with 140 ping so that I can’t decline and then they spike? A simple filter would do it. I had to let some vent out, it’s just disgusting how toxic people are.

The same shit also applies to Erron, Geras, Kabal, Joker, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Scorpion (the ones that throw his mids and teleports when save), Jade, Jacqui… all are pretty save and nearly unbeatable on WiFi and I say that as a Sub main.

Feel free to pour more salt into this thread

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