150 is high, and I know people want that lowered, maybe in addition to a wifi filter.

Where though, is the request for the game to just end if the connection is inconsistent?

150 sucks because it almost always means 180-210, so you can kiss your flawless blocks goodbye, and you better having your reading lenses on if you’re going to tech throws. Still, it’s manageable if you can get used to the timing to get off your regular punishes, projectiles evasions, and combo timings.

What about those 120ms matches that jump to high hell and back? I get those majority are wifi connections, but I’m catching wired connections that do the same thing. Reads low, then is absolutely trash in game. Nearly impossible to deal with poke mashing, unsafe specials that are only -11, or fuzzy block situations.

I would much rather play a consistent 170ms on wifi than 110 that jumps to 440 every 5 seconds. What’s it take to cap that?

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