I’m trying to get my remaining few characters wrapped up on their character towers. I got through Kollector’s stages 1-3 last night and his stages 4-6 today. My god is grinding this such a bore. Especially stages 4 and 5. 3 flawless rounds plus the fatal blows and wins for stage 4 is ridiculous. Stage five bumps the fatal blows to 20 and the wins to 25, which is also ridiculous.

I’ve got five characters left before I’m done but I don’t think I’m gonna be done by the time KP2 drops. I’ve been playing since the game launched and I remember back when the requirements were even more insane than they are currently, but why did NRS have to make the character towers such a chore to grind out when none of the other tower platforms (minus the gauntlet) have such stupid requirements?

The character towers should give you the opportunity to start fresh with a new character, get their tower ending on stage 1, and then progressively get more difficult as you move between stages so you can get at least decent with a character by stage 6. Yeah throw in a few Konsumables for the AI to use against you, but that should be it. Just bump the difficulty and stats of the ai up as the stages move on.

P.S. For those that may ask, my last 5 characters (in order of my chosen order) are:

Kotal Kahn
Kung Lao
Jacqui Briggs (yeah, Jacqui Briggs is dead last, cause fuck Jacqui)

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