warning: This is a long read and forgive my English, I may have written something wrong.

This is a crazy idea that I had for the future of the Franchise.

Mortal Kombat is my favorite franchise since I first played **MK3** in my super Nintendo back in the late 90’s, and today I can proudly say that I played all of the titles from **MK1** to **MK11**, spin-offs like **Mythologies Sub-Zero** and **Shaolin Monks**, and even the least liked ones (I’m looking at you **MkvsDC** and **Special Forces**).With Mortal Kombat 11 being the game that Netherrealm Studios has been given support the for longest time, and with the story of this timeline appearing to be finished, I’ve been thinking about what could be the next steps for the franchise in the future. And what about an **open world game**?

I’m also a big fan of the Batman Arkham Series, the atmosphere, the gameplay, the iconic characters etc, and I’ve been watching a lot of Shadow of War gameplay lately, And most elements of those games would fit perfectly in an open world MK.

The Gameplay

An open world RPG where you play as a new character, or maybe as a character that you can create or even characters that already exists from the MK roster. Exploring, making main missions and side quests. Learning new abilities, having encounters with iconic characters from the franchise and of course fighting a lot.


I don’t know much of how these things work, but it would be amazing if Netherrealm allow the players to play as any character from mk11 in an open world game, I know that sounds crazy and a lot of work, but maybe they could maintain their moves and powers animations, but with a Batman Arkham aproach to it. For example, Batman uses Square or X to attack, Triangle or Y to counter-attack, Circle or B to stun and X or A to jump or parry. So the mk characters would do the same, but their string of combos would be the animations of their mk11 combos, that way they could recicle the animations, but the controls would be different.

The special moves on the other hand could be the same as in the game, considering that the character would move using the analog button, the arrows would be used to make the special moves.

The World and its Races

It has to be **Outworld** for my idea to work, in Shadow of war you have factions or tribes to conquer and fortresses to take. So instead of Orcs and Uruks we could have all outworld races divided in factions or tribes to defeat, and each one of them having their advantages and weaknesses in battle. Here are some examples:

Tarkatans – being nomads, they could be the race with the biggest number of individuals and tribes scattered throughout the map, attacking in hordes with their razor-sharp teeth and blades overwhelming their enemies.

Shokans – unlike the Tarkatans, They would be located in Shokan fortresses more protected in a specific location of the map, like a shokan territory. With heavy weight male Shokans, and female Shokans being less strong but more agile, using the classic shokan stomp attacks to stun the opponent. More difficult to take down than a Tarkatan, but spawning in less numbers.

Centaurians – In an open world game Centaurians could finally reappear in the franchise without the restraints of the 2D fighting game style. Strong as a Shokan but with faster attacks, more range and numbers. The Centaurians would be a bigger challenge to face.

Edenians and Outworlders – I put those two togheter because they would be found in villages and in the Capital as npcs going on about their lives, some of them could be oponentents, knowing that both races have powers and are natural martial artists. Edenians would look more high class society members, wearing jewels and gold, while outworlders would dress with more modest attires.

Naknadans – They would mostly be found as wanderer merchants in random places of Outworld, slaves and servants in the Capital or places with civilization, but also as enemies, using not only agility, but magic to attack, making them unpredictible enemies.

Sorcerers and Necromancers –  they could summon the undead, or onis from the netherrealm to attack the players, and they could even be from any race, like for example a shaman tarkatan that can bring back to life at least once the oponents that you just defeated, and because of that you have to kill them first, to prevent them to bring the dead to life and make your job harder.

Kytinn – Mostly found underground or in jungle areas, each Kytinn could have a different way to attack:

Venomous – more centered in venomous attacks with ovopositors and are colorful like venomous insects.

Swarmers – they have a big hive attached to their bodies and control the swarm os insects that comes out of them.

Wasps – flying Kytinn warriors that attacks from the sky more straightforwardly than the others.

Those examples above are some of the main humanoid races you could find throughout the map, but aside from them you can also find creatures and monsters hunting and wandering in the lands of outworld.

Dragons – The symbol of Mortal Kombat couldn’t be left out. Frost and fire dragon are the types that comes to mind, they could be mounts once they are tamed, just like the dragons from shadow of war.

Taigore – the tiger creature that debuted in MK9 as Shao Kahn’s pet in his Throne room, they can be mounts like the caragors of Shadow of War. they are agile, climbing high places which the player could not reach without them. And also if not tamed attack the player.

Tormentors – the giant horned creature that appears in the Kahn’s Koliseum background in MK9, used in the Kahn’s army, they have super strength and can breath fire. The type of creature that can’t be faced if you are alone. They could behave just like the Graugs in Shadow of war.

Outworld Horses – the horses from mk11 storymode, they can serve as mounts for the characters.

Basically every other creature that appeared in mk11’s Koliseum Beast Pen Stage – all of the cratures from that stage can be a good idea.

Crazy idea overall, but I dream of a day when NRS could see this and think about this concept..

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