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Welcome back to another History Of Mortal Kombat video!

Now into today ‘history of breakdown/analysis’, we will be talking about the god of the Mortal Kombat Series, their respective roles In the universe, how they came to be and what are their fates In the current canon?
Their are many thats exist across the universe but a majority of them are In fact only briefly mentioned In the series so their are many that are left undeveloped or untouched.

Now In this video I will strictly be covering the gods that exist in the main continuity, not ones that exist outside of it BECAUSE their are in fact actually a handful that dont exist outside of the main canon.
They will have a video focussed on them later on next week!

So here I will strictly be focusing on the gods (not elder gods) the roles they play and how they impacted the universe, I really hope you enjoy this one as it toke awhile to put together and I wanted to some what celebrate the reveal of rain for Kombat Pack 2!

Now who Is your favourite god amongst the pantheon?
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