For the most part, the mk11 legacy characters feel somwhat like their past selves. Except for sonya, she’s just ronda rousey with her no legacy moves havin ass. But jesus someone just looked at MK9 skarlet and just said FUCK THAT SHIT. Now you may say, “well they retconned her so they also changed her playstyle”. Why should her turning into a witch all of a sudden make her shitty and boring. I think Skarket has a gap fetish too with how many she still has. They even slightly ackmowledge her MK9 self too tho. One of her end of round taunts is her old slide which would be a really cool move to add to her. And she has her old fatality tentacles in her grab and intro. So they reference it alot, they just chose to make her awful. Like do we really need a move that does more damage to her than the opponent, with recovery so slow the dead tarkatan in the kombat pack 2 trailer could punish it. How many back forward 4 restands does she honestly need dude, atleast 2 of them shits could be replaced with something

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