At the beginning when timelines collide, past Cage gets grazed by a bullet on his cheek. And at that moment present Cage gets a scar on the same spot. So you get that if character from the past gets hurt, present character also gets hurt. And it’s pretty straight forward.
But then you have a fight maybe even before that happens. You fight past Cage with present Cage. And you beat the shit out of him, and nothing happens to you. But if you follow their logic, Cage you are using should be hurt as well.
Then there’s a fight against past Kano, you are using Sonya. She kicks past Kano, present Kano feels every kick. But again, after that you use past Jax, fighting present Jax. So if present Jax punches you or does anything to you, he should feel everything by default, but it doesn’t happen.
I know game doesn’t take itself too seriously, but that kind of problem is so obvious.
I can only imagine the rabbit hole if I invested time to analyze all the time travel shit, probably wouldn’t be worth it, cause if there’s time travel involved, automatically paradox is bound to happen.

I also felt some of the plot points in the game seemed kinda not necessary, or weak as plot points.

When Sonya ends up under all those rocks, she can’t wait for like 3-5 minutes for them to free her. She’s just like you know what, let me blow myself up. Considering all their powers, it’s kinda funny to think that couple of rocks would be something that was impossible to solve.

Also the whole thing with Shang Tsung, they all know he’s going to betray them. His face says that. They talk about it multiple times in the game. He implies that himself couple of times, and he still manages to do it, basically flawlessly. Then the whole thing with Sindel and Shao Kahn thinking they will rule together and have Shang Tsung as their slave or what, kinda seemed unrealistic to even think such a thing.
And the main problem with Kronika, if she can alter time over and over again, and she’s seen it all, why doesn’t she just keep bringing the time back all the time when shit hits the fan? They probably said she doesn’t have enough power for that but it kinda seemed like bs.
They made her op but in order to actually be beat, they made her stupid enough to not know how to best utilize her powers.

The bad ending wasn’t inspiring.
You have Shang Tsung sitting on a gigantic chair and ruling all the realms. Since his power is limitless at that point, nobody can do shit to him. His goons are Fujin and Raiden. So what’s he gonna do? Just sit there for the eternity? Make these two do all the dirty work.

Good ending I didn’t quite understand. That Kung Lao didn’t look the same, looked like a different face when compared to the Kung Lao we all know and love or hate. Not sure how are they going to continue the story. They can literally erase all of the fighters we know, and make new ones.

The whole story felt like ending of the saga.

And when I compare two approaches in fighting Kronika, I think Shang Tsung did a way better job. He got the crown way before the final showdown even commenced. Brought Sindel and Shao Kahn as back up, they cleaned everyone in front, and then he just beat Kronika with ease since he already had the crown.

And why wouldn’t Kronika work with Shinnok in the first place? They caused a lot of problems just by themselves, imagine if they worked together.

Also not sure what happened to Shao Kahn. As I recall, he was a human, or at least had an appearance of one. Now he looks more like Kintaro. And I member in mk 4 when you beat the game with Reiko, he becomes Shao Kahn at the end, and he is a man there.

So a lot of confusing and inconsistent information out there.

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