I play Frost. One of the few characters in this game who actually thrives in the neutral with two strings that start with decently fast long-range mids to punish whiffs. But I just can’t play neutral.

The number of moves that disregard neutral play, the players who jump around and not even give a fuck about getting D2’d, characters with insanely good mix-ups, characters with insanely good rushdown strings that ARE NOT punishable, and people who just sit full screen and spam two projectiles make playing neutral a chore.

I can beat every single one of these types of players. I have played against enough of them to learn how to beat them. But it is just insanely boring to play against the same shit over and over again. ”Oh, another Scorpion. I just need to respect the teleport the whole match without ever trying to attack because he can whiff punish me from full screen into a full combo.”, ”Oh, yet another Liu Kang that has pretty much everything in his arsenal, if he’s not dumb, he won’t use that string with the huge gap and destroy me with chip damage and throws. And I can’t zone him either because he has both high and low projectiles that are decently fast”, etc. I sincerely think that there is nothing neutral-based about this game. It is just a slower paced MKX with less damaging combos. There are still a shit ton of moves that disregard neutral play and there are still characters who are significantly weaker because of some other characters being insanely oppressive and strong. I mean, Shao Kahn has a 9f jab while Jacqui has a god damn 9f mid.

I really want to know how this game is neutral based. In my humble opinion, this game is anything but neutral based.

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