i just got mortal kombat 11 aftermath Kollectors edition. the thing is, you see i got a ps4pro, and the previous ps4 i had, had Mortal Kombat before the update (i don’t think that part matters tho). (i also forgot to mention it is digital) Now today i got MK11 aftermath on disc because the digital game is not mine it is my sisters and her boyfriends. but their getting older so their going to leave soon. But i just wanted to know (the game also comes with 2 discs 1 is the data disc and the other is the real game itself) what would happen if i put them in, even with the digital version in my profile without messing up the digital version. if it is too confusing (witch im sure it is lol) ill make it more understandable if someone thinks they can help but is still confused. also i don’t know what flair to put this in so i put in the most fitting

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