I have a rather mediocre PC so that’s part of the issue, but the thing is, the game went fine ever since I purchased it last Christmas up until now. All I had to do was turn off a couple effects in the graphics settings and I was set.

I updated my drivers last weekend (something I haven’t done since 2017 apparently) and I hopped back into the new kombat league only to realize that I’m now suffering from very serious screen tearing. It wasn’t just a couple spots, some arenas like Sea of Blood literally looks like as if the screen was wobbling.

But wait, it only gets worse from here. Dumbass me decided to jump into setting to play around with the effects even more. I basically turned everything to OFF or LOW and I turned on Vsync which is supposed to help with screen tearing, only to realize I will get “medium” performance during benchmark test, no matter what I turn on or off. This by itself wouldn’t be too bad, but the game flags me as poor performance now and everyone can just decline on me now, despite having wired internet and stable FPS above 50.

Somebody please help.

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