I’m surprised how great everyone on the PC platform seems to play.

I came back to MK 11 after around a year of not playing it. Don’t quiet remember. Last time I played was Kombat League 3.

Back when I played I was able to reach God rank on all 3 seasons, so I’m not bad at the game by any means I would say.

Now I came back and after some warming up and having fun with the new augments in towers, might aswell do some Kombat League casually. Starting out from the lowest rank ofcourse. Expecting some convenient and maybe easy matches. Holy shit was I wrong.

Even on the lowest rank everyone does every optimal combo, everyone know all the frame perfect counters, everyone knows all the cheesy tech or shenanigans this game has like Kitana crouching kick interrupts for every character etc. Sure I’m not as good as when I was in God rank, but I’m not that much worse. Yet now I am about to get out of apprentice rank with a whopping 0% winrate.

Am I just unlucky or are all the noobs or casuals gone from the PC sceene? Atleast I know there is still 1 around(me lol).

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