So there’s an active post about Rain’s new katar which gives a bit of information on the weapon but I wanted to clarify something that the post was wrong/unclear about (no hate to the post or its OP, it’s still awesome to see!). Just elaborating because it seems many of you are interested in the weapon. For the record, I could also be wrong on a couple of points, but as far as I know I am sharing accurate information based on my knowledge.

The katar is of Indian origin. You may have seen it in other games such as Diablo 2 (the Assassin class) and Soulcalibur (Voldo).

The other post stated that the katar is a hunting weapon. Whilst, this isn’t exactly wrong, as far as I know hunting (tigers for example) with these was mostly done to show feats of skill/bravery (due to the fact that they were such short-ranged weapons) and this was generally after they had evolved into a way of showing off one’s wealth and position.

They were actually used in close range combat, initially to break down/through shields and armour. Certain fighting styles actually dual wielded katar as they were pretty much extensions of your fists with thrusting and slashing movements. They later went from being just for self-defence/combat to also being a status symbol which they would use to hunt with as well (as mentioned above). There were other types of katar with differently styled blades or even had multiple blades which could be spread or curved claws instead. Certain katar with spread/multiple blades were generally better at tearing armour.

Rain’s katar in MK11 is actually more akin to a katar which acts as a bladed sheathe which were often given as rewards and used as status symbols (usually ornamental) and worn at the side. As seen with Rain’s, this sort of katar actually contains multiple blades within the sheathe. Later they actually added pistols into the weapon itself too. NRS clearly they decided to go with the status symbol choice of katar in Rain’s case.

If anyone actually reads this, then I hope you found this explanation interesting! I think this gives us some insight as to the thought process behind giving Rain this weapon and I feel it’s perfect for him based on his lore as well as design inspiration.

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