With people talking about guest characters in the MK games it got me thinking about the other way round. Yes I know that Scorpion, Raiden and Sub-Zero are all guest characters in the Injustice games and there was once a basketball game with Mortal Kombat characters but what other games would you like to see MK characters in?

Personally I’d like to see Liu Kang as a guest character in Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. For those wondering why I’d choose him over Scorpion it’s because he’s a more heroic, less violent character so he’d fit better.

I think an MK character could also work in Killer Instinct. Hypothetically if Liu was in Smash or SF then I’d choose a different character from him or one of the 3 Injustice guests so I’d probably go for Johnny Cage, Kung Lao or Kitana.

Finally if NRS were to ever make a horror movie fighting game (Ed Boon said he’d be interested and yes I know it would be a nightmare to pull off with all the different studious and licences) I would have either Shang Tsung or Shao Kahn as a guest character in it.

Are there any other games you can think of where an MK character could work?

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