Pretty self-explanatory.

Cyber initiative: Skins based off of Setor and Cyrax for D’Vorah, Jacqui, and Frost.

* D’vorah because that one skin she has with her eyes covered reminds me of them.
* Jacqui because her hair reminds me of the cables on their heads.
* Frost because she’s already a cyborg.

Kosplay: Skins based on the guest characters.

* Jax as Robocop.
* Kano as the Joker.
* Sonya as Rambo.

Kasual Komfort: Different characters’ everyday clothes.

* Jax could have a bunch of old-school hip-hop t-shirts from Wu-Tang clan, Run-DMC, or N.W.A.
* Shao Kahn in some royal satin pyjamas would be fun.
* Maybe Kabal in a tracksuit or some sportswear cause he runs.

What are your ideas for some skins?

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