Kronika is a dumb, arrogant, overpowered Titan lady who loves using Will Smith REWIND TIME.
Let’s see how big of a mess she is XD

There were so many fun things I did in this video! Researching, theorizing, making jokes, spending way to FKING LONG MAKING THOSE STUPID ANIMATION PARTS etc. I wouldn’t say this was the hardest video to make. (that would be the Aftermath one for me) But I will say it’s definitely been stuck with me in the creation process the longest. (since I already made the script last year) So I’m really happy to finally get this out for you guys XD

Honestly, this video would not have been possible without all of you. A year ago, the 3 MK11 SUCKS videos I posted did not do so well. Which is why I didn’t even want to make the Kronika SUCKS video. However, you guys gave my MK videos so much love and support. To the point that I get comments asking me where the Kronika vid is on a daily basis. So thank you thank you thank you all so much for watching my videos! And I hope you all enjoyed this video too XD

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