I honestly just do not understand why people want Bi-Han to be a hero again. Noob Saibot has always and will always be evil, and not just because of some mind control. In Ashrah’s Deception ending, it states that Noob is one of the most evil people in the MK lore because, despite not being a demon, he actually wishes to remain in the Netherrealm, which is why Ashrah feels that killing him will purify her. And remember at this point in time, Quan Chi is dead, so Noob’s not under some mind control, it’s just that Bi-Han is an evil person and always has been.

But even beyond lore reasons, there’s plenty of other reasons why Noob should remain evil.

“But he was a hero in Mythologies.” No, he was the protagonist but not a hero. Remember, he killed countless Shaolin, Scorpion, and maybe 3 of Earthrealms elemental gods. He didn’t have to kill any of them but he still did. He only got the amulet from Quan Chi cause Raiden forced him to.

“But he was hired to kill those people.” No, he was hired to help steal Shinnok’s amulet, he didn’t have to kill anyone.

“But think of how cool he’d be if he was a hero.” So you wanna give up Noob’s cool Shadow powers to have two Sub-Zeros? I’d rather he keep his powers because I can’t think of anyone currently who has similar powers to Noob.

“But it completes his redemption arc.” So you want a story of someone who was good in life, died and went to hell to serve them for a little bit but then became a hero again? Good news, you have that, his name is Scorpion. Noob never had any sort of redemption arc set up. Again, Bi-Han enjoys being evil.

“But the Netherrealm corrupted him.” Did it also corrupt Scorpion? Because he still turned good later. And both Noob and Scorpion were resurrected by the same guy. Yet Noob is still evil. That’s because, again, Bi-Han is evil. There’s no corruption going on, they were just revived with their normal personalities in tack.

Noob Saibot will never, and should never, be a hero. He works way better as a villain. Not every character in MK needs to turn good. It works with some characters like Ermac, others like Goro and Baraka are more neutral or anti-heroes, but Noob should forever remain evil.

^Also ^stop ^asking ^for ^Mileena ^to ^be ^a ^hero ^too.

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