People requesting Ermax, reptile, cryrax, sektor. Like do you want the roster just be MK9 again because we are not far off at this point. Characters like rain I can allow since he missed a game but seriously not giving any 3D era characters a chance is playing it very safe imo.

Not even bringing back mkx characters like takeda or Kung Jin is just reinforcing the idea of making the whole roster mk9 characters. Like there was **only 3 new characters this time**, compared to **MKX’s 8 new characters** (9 if you include tremor)

Let’s count the MK9 fighters in each pack:

Kombat Pack 1 MK fighters: 3/3

Aftermath Mk fighters: 1/2

Kombat Pack 2 Mk fighters: 2/2

So out of 7 DLC characters (not including guests), 6 of them were mk9 guys. I think NRS played it way too safe in this game with only 3 new fighters and a shit-tonne of MK9 characters.

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