First of all i want to say that Terminator it’s not that bad in regards to the moveset and how he fights so in terms of moveset, it’s fine, i would only suggest to change his endoskeleton ability which it’s basically useless right now, to make it more balanced like the resurrection move of Jason in mkx. However my biggest complaints so far are The skins: now i know that the skins are what they are beacuse of the rights and movie promotion, but they also have the rights for the Genysis movie so my question is why as of today [this skin](×1024.jpg) wasn’t in the game? and i still hope that they can add his T1 outfit, then they should re-do the voice lines to Arnold, i presume that in that time he didn’t do it beacuse he was recording lines for the predator game but this is just an assumption, lastly there is one little detail that they didn’t made, and they are his eyes, when you perform a fatality that gets his eyes out they are just normal eyes while he sould have his robotic enlightened red eyes. That is what i suggest to make the terminator that he should have been.

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