I was already Demi God this season, so my rewards are safe and I don’t need to continue winning. I still wanted to do the five sets a day though and I decided to lose them all to give away the points to people who still need them. The experience has actually been fun and great so far.

Several people have said thank you. Some people offer freindly rematches to have an actual fight. Many people do Friendships.

Though not all people have mics to answer, you can still talk to them. I asked some to show me their best combos and then they start to juggle me around. Or I ask them to finish in a Brutality, and some use this opportunity to try and do some rare ones you don’t see too often. Especially the ones that require a Mercy.

One person even came on to the mic and asked me if I need the win myself. They would’ve given it to me, too. We actually had a real fight then which they honestly won, so they earned their points.

I guess people actually aren’t that toxic. It’s just the KL grind itself that is so stressful that people become salty.

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