Trailer of MK11:Ultimate made me think, “I’ve seen this before somewhere.” I think this has occurred to all MK fans, especially since Ed Boon himself has repeatedly stated that this is a new trilogy starting with MK9 (and the story is GENERALLY the same)

But the most interesting thing is that the roster of MK3 characters: the final one was just not complete without Rain and Milena (especially since MK3 originally contained “new available characters”- Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Sindel)

What if this is confirmation that The next characters from the final edition will be Ermak, smoke, ketchup/mustard, reptile + a random guest character (from the upcoming Warner Bros. movies – maybe Batman) and final cut would be title – TRILOGY It’ll be a nice way to bookend the new generation of MK game.

P.S. And yes, remember Armageddon


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