Hey guys
Welcome back to another Mortal Kombat video!
Now In todays history of breakdown and analysis I will be talking about the ruthless zealot authoritarian leader of the Seidan guard, Hotaru!

Hotaru without a doubt Is one of the gems of the 3D era of games, his design and concept are absolutely fantastic and unlike havik, he is given more exposure so we do learn more about him then his chaotic conterpart.
Now in order for me to really talk about Hotaru I must first cover talk about the Orderrealm, Its society and how It formed and how does its ideology affect it inhabitants and relationship with other realm.
So you could consider this a bundle episode of sorts as I cover both the origin of the Orderrealm and Hotaru himself!

Now what are your thoughts on the Hotaru?
Would you like to see him return In the next Kombat Pack?
Could he be part of a future DLC story?
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