Look, I’m not like a die hard fan of the cyber ninjas or anything, but Sektor and Cyrax are cool characters with unique playstyles that would fit really well into MK 11. Not withstanding they gave both characters (two times in Sektor’s case) a huge facelift, NRS themselves even said that there wouldn’t be any NPC only fighters in the game like there were in MKX, not that I really hold NRS to their word anymore since they’re bringing Rain back as DLC (for the second time which is dumb because you’re paying for the same DLC twice but whatever I’ll still play the hell out of him lol).

This would also be a cool opportunity for NRS to introduce something like Premiere Skins from Injustice 2, where they had skins that overrode the gear you had showing in favor of a homogenous design. They could add Cyber Sub Zero with a modulated voice for Sub and Human Sektor and Cyrax. Plus, if they really just wanna go insane, come up with cyberized versions of other characters like Noob or Scorpion. There are endless possibilities for them to choose from and do and while adding more skins isn’t enough to keep a game alive (looking at you, Kombat League) adding characters is a good start.

I really think it’s shame that the only cyber ninja representation in the game is Frost (who doesn’t really count cause she doesnt look enough like a cyber ninja) and skins for Robocop (not that I’m complaining about that cause those skins kick ass).

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