Last year, people data-mined MK11 and found out a lot of the DLC characters that were coming to the game. So far, this leak has been entirely accurate with Fujin, Sheeva, Terminaror, and Joker confirmed in those leaks. However, the only character from that leak that hasn’t been revealed yet is Ash Williams from Evil Dead. So is Ash still happening?

We haven’t had any DLC character announcements since May and since we’re in October, Ash would be a great character for Halloween. However, I’ve rumors that the Ash DLC has been quietly cancelled due to a licensing problem with MGM (who owns the character I guess). There is also talk that the next guest fighter will actually be Rambo, so that adds more questions. Ed Boon’s and Bruce Campbell’s comments on the matter haven’t helped either. So is Ash Williams DLC coming? Are we even going to get more DLC fighters?

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