Contemporary Mortal Kombat games are pretty great. They look and sound amazing, but they’ve dropped a lot of features that previous titles used to take for granted.In my mind, an MK game with the diverse array of features and character rosters seen in earlier titles like Armageddon, combined with the polish and refinement of contemporary titles, would be the ideal MK game. Armageddon not only featured a multitude of fighters, it also gave us the ability to create our own unique characters. Those fighters could also switch between unarmed and armed styles of combat. Why can’t we create our own characters? Why can’t we choose whether or not our character uses their weapons? Why is the roster so small? Just because a character isn’t in the story any longer doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to play them. Recent MK titles are taking staple characters like Shang Tsung and Sheeva and others and suddenly making them DLC for no reason other than to gouge players that remember real MK titles and want to play as the classic characters. Since Armageddon was released prior to the DLC fad, they couldn’t do that, but the takeaway is that they have a HUGE roster of characters. Like, way more than you’d ever even want to play. Which is good. You had choice, not to mention the ability to create custom fighters. There’s no real excuse to give us such a pathetically small number of fighters. It makes their wonderful game boring more quickly, since we run out of things to do sooner. Apart from online, test your luck, ladders, and story mode, there really isn’t much to do. In Armageddon, though, you had more option. The story mode wasn’t just one battle after another, it featured actual levels like a real game (granted, not good levels, but still). You fought as a single protagonist, you didn’t jarringly change fighters every three or four fights. Armageddon also had a racing mode. While mediocre, it was still there as a fun party game; something for players to do when they got tired of fighting. While I’m not asking for an open world Mortal Kombat or a half-baked racing mode, I want to see the full roster of characters available again. I’m tired of newer MK titles screwing us out of classic fighters. Just because you advance the plot of the story doesn’t mean you have to get rid of old combatants. Just because Kabal or Nightwolf or Sheeva or whoever aren’t in the story anymore doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to play as them anymore. As players, we deserve the full roster. We deserve the maximum amount of choice and fighter diversity. I want to see MK games like Armageddon again, MK titles that valued player choice and allowed us to express our creativity. Large rosters, the ability to create custom characters, possibly even the option of using unarmed or armed weapon styles again, these are all features of MK that used to be staples but have been unnecessarily dropped. I want to see MK titles that has features that match the quality of their visual and auditory assets.

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