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Video Explained:

Mid Leap:
– Challenging Mid Leap with Dive Kick, Jump 1 & Jump 2.

Jump1/2 give chance of whiff dive kick combo depending on when you hit them out of the air and cancel.

Vortex is also good here as it has a very tall hitbox and amplifying it turns it into an advancing projectile. Holding the amplify enhances how far the Vortex will travel. The longer you hold it the further. This can be good vs Jacqui as it can make her think twice about leaping.

Of course where you can use Vortex you can also use Spin with Kung Lao just have to worry about it not having as big of a hitbox as Vortex but it is faster.

Spiritual Guidance 1 and 2 can be used her simply for their speed and active frames alone.

SG2: high hitting launcher which is great for anti air.
SG1: Not a launcher but its a projectile with a big enough hitbox to anti air.

Very good options at challenging her approach from the air.

Air Shrapnel Blast
– Flawless block u3 is better here than u2 because you can combo after it lands just try to delay it as much as possible so you have a better chance of hitting them out of it.

– you can option select when Jacqui’s do string/poke into leap to shrapnel x2 or shrapnel to jump attack. By dash flawless blocking and buffering 2,1 etc any fast normal you will get a punish if she falls. If she does two shrapnels you will flawless the 2nd and this will allow you to attack her as she falls to the ground with a anti air. Of course there is remove for error here and you won’t always be perfect but it does work.

– You can option select anti air her by doing 2 buffer vortex as your anti air. If you hit her with 2 the vortex comes out as a combo. If you she stops early with shrapnel and you whiff 2 then the 1 will come out by itself instead of vortex and you can confirm into vortex for combo or just get the knock down for pressure from the 1. This is great cause you have a safety net for anti airing her.

Of course after a knock down you can chip the opponent from across the screen using Spiritual Guidance 3. This forces Jacqui to be more cautious on the ground.

– Jacqui’s b2 is Mid, High. You can space out the mid by walking back. At round start range if she does B2 immediately you can make it whiff by walking backwards. Walking back in this range also walks you right out of medium leap range give you great spacing to challenge jacqui’s air approach as well as her ground approach. If you aren’t blocking then the only thing you have to worry about is dash punch which is a high. However if you are walking back and check ducking her WHILE staying out of range of b2 it gets tough and she will have to over extend herself.

B22 has short recovery but you can do f1,b3,f4 to punish and also micro dash up to do 21 for a punish but its strict.

Air Ground Pound:
– Air ground pound is unsafe on block and has many holes. Because of Jacqui’s many options she can make you forget she even has the move. It can be amplified but that version is also punishable.

– You can interrupt it, Short hop, Jump and block it then punish it to punish it.

Far Leap:
– Showing how Far Leap can be challenged with the options for Medium leap.

Short ranged wake up options:
– Jacqui has really bad range on her wake up. If you knock her down you can really take advantage of this imo. Out range her, shimmies etc.

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