Hello, I’m a newbie mk11 player and I’ve noticed a weird input problem. I play ob keyboard, WSAD for movement and numpads for attacks and grabs. The problem occurs with back front input. I only play jax, so it’s hard to say whether it’s only a problem with him or not. When I’m on the left, duck and weave works just fine. When I’m on the right though, i usually perform 2 instead of the move. I thought I just wasn’t good enough with the input, especially since I always felt a bit worse when being on the right. However, when I went into training, i noticed that the game simply doesn’t register the front input and performs back 2 or just 2 instead. This is definitely not a problem with my keyboard, as when I perform the combination in any text area, it always registers it correctly. The only fix is to press A much later in the combo, but that throws me off quite a bit. Is there any way to fix that?

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