I was playing casual matches last night, just trying to get better with Robocop, and I noticed a trend. If I lost the first game against someone, 90% chance they immediately hit that “next opponent” button. If I win the first game, it’s “character select” instead. Maybe it’s just the players I was running into, but it felt like no one was interested in doing a best 2-out-of-3.

The funniest players are the ones who keep switching characters when you beat them, then leave as soon as they best you once. I’m not even mad at it, it’s just really funny to me. Eventually I ended up getting to do a 2-out-of-3 against a Scorpion player of all people. I was really bummed that the one Kollector I ran into left after he beat me in a close first game though. Respect the set people.

And yes I know if I want to do best 2-out-of-3s I can play KL, but I just got the DLC characters and I’m trying to see which one of them I want to use. If I went on KL with my Robocop now I’m sure I’d get bodied.

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