Hey all, Perk here and welcome to the return of the weekly character discussion! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the chance to bring back a weekly character series, and get into some discussions about matchups, as well as learning to play as/against each member of the roster. If you have questions about this week’s character, or just looking to see Strats from other players who main them, this thread is your source. All discussions will be archived, so if you missed out, be sure to browse for that. I know this has been a thread a lot of you have been asking to bring back, and rest assured will see some refinement as the weeks go on. We’re going to get through each character multiple times over, and keep the discussion rolling with how those characters fit into the meta at the given time.

**Disclaimer**: This thread is intended for discussions about competitive play. Any and all shitposting will be removed from this thread, as the purpose of a weekly thread is for players to discuss the character and their matchups. That means we’re not going to talk about “this character is so hot”, “character xyz is for scrubs”, memes, things like that. Let’s keep this discussion about playing the game, and how everyone can get better at doing so.


Theres really only one way to kick this thing off, and thats with the salt bringer himself, **Scorpion**.I know theres a *lot* of hate for this character, but hate or love – he’s the mascot of the franchise, and the fav of co-creator Ed Boon (who also lended a voice for the infamous line “get over here!”.

Drop your thoughts below, and I’ll be editing the post throug the day to highlight useful links and BNB combos for those looking to get started.

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