**Only the last 5 minutes of the vid i posted are relevant**

I am a Jade main but started picking up Skarlet because she’s fun to play with. Her move Blood Ritual,which does damage to both players, at first glance makes you scratch your head thinking….”uh is this a glitch?” because Skarlet takes MORE damage than the opponent. The damage also caps at around 3% before the move ends.

Regardless, I just want to say that I LOVE this move. It is so underrated because it is essentially a top tier move in specific situations. If you watch the video I say all this in the beginning as I am showing off Skarlet’s new skin, but at the last round of the video I show that exact situation.

How great of a feeling is it when you are about to die, you’re on critical while your opponent has a big life lead, and all of a sudden you dodge a move here, a move there, do a flawless block, or just catch your opponent slippin’ and BOOM, you won the match. you made a COME BACK….Well how do you think your opponent felt?How would you feel if you left an opponent on Kritical and they CAME BACK on you? When they see that they have a tiny amount of life after you do a Fatal Blow on them they’ll get that gleam of hope in their away… and Blood Ritual lets you rip it away from them as they stare at you and are unable to do ANYTHING.


TL;DR: Skarlet is fun, i made a cool vid, “Blood Ritual” rules!

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