In two previous videos I listed the MOST WANTED CHARACTERS and MOST WANTED GUEST CHARACTERS MK fans wanted to see in the next DLC or Kombat Pack, if you haven’t seen those videos I recommend you go and watch them and let me know if you agree with my lists, BUT! in this follow up video, I am going to list the MOST UNWANTED CHARACTERS fans DO NOT want to see in the next MK11 DLC or KombatPack.

0:00 Intro
0:28 How I Made This List
1:07 Li Mei
1:44 Ashrah
2:15 Bo’ Rai Cho
2:44 Stryker
3:25 Hydro
3:52 Hotaru
4:14 Tremor
4:43 Tanya
5:17 Tanya
5:47 Ferra & Torr
6:37 Your Thoughts?
6:47 Outro

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