So long story short I haven’t played a fighting game seriously since Soul Caliber 2, but I’m getting back into things with MK11. Initially I’m starting with Shao Kahn since I’ve heard he’s somewhat reminiscent of SC2 Nightmare (if seemingly not as throw capable), but I’m really struggling with him as his start ups just feel really, really slow and his range is shorter than anticipated. I’m wondering if yall have any good advice for playing him.

Shang Tsung on the other hand is feels good but I’m finding I’m having trouble linking combos together, but I’m unsure of that’s my fault not being mechanically very good at the game yet, or if his specials just aren’t suited to comboing?

Edit: I’m also still getting used to this dial a combo thing, it seems strange but I like how it gives you the opportunity to plan ahead while a combo is executing.

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