I was born in 2000s but since my family was poor as well as non techy I used to goto the local ps2 pay and play shop to play wwe smack pain for 14 cents an hour, we had no internet whatsoever. One day I saw someone playing a game which they called mortal kombat ( much later I found out it was MK shaolin monks). I was mesmerized by the awesomeness of the special moves and the cool blood and violence I had never seen in any other game. Few years after that internet became available to general public in India, but I was not an MK fan untill then, after some time I bought a 271.37 USD PC
and started buying game DVDs ( which I didn’t know were pirated but nevertheless they were the only way to get games since internet was very slow and very expensive and the DVDs were super cheap ). I suddenly came across a DVD named ultimate mortal kombat collection and my old memories came rushing to me I thought it would be the exact same game ( I didn’t know fighting game genre existed and thought only adventure games were there and so I thought it was mksm ). I installed it and found out it had 4 games ( mk1,2,3,UMK3) and none of which was adventure game. But as soon as I started playing them I was again mesmerized by the characters, plot and violence. I played all of them again and again to screenshot and read every character’s ending. After some years Internet was common for us but still watching videos on internet was a luxury, so I started googling MK stuff and came to realise these games were very old and the lastest then was MK9. I read and read and read and fell in love with the series , I knew I would never get a PS2 or 3 but I don’t care I explored each of the mk title through the internet l. Years passed I had read all the mk comics , had played the original arcade titles from which the game started, had watched all movies, cartoons , and web series of mortal kombat. When I finally bought a laptop in 2019 , I played mk9 and mkxl on it , thus mk9 was the game I owned after playing mk4 on my cheap PC years ago. Now I watch tons and tons of mk tournaments and story analysis videos on youtube. Thankyou Mortal Kombat for being my favourite video game.

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