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Welcome back to another mortal Kombat video!
Now In todays analyse and character breakdown we will be talking about a fan favourite of the series, the half blood sister to Kitana, former queen of Outworld Mileena.

In order for me to fundamentally talk about mileena as a character and wether or not she’s truly a monster, I will be breaking down the character, explaining her origins (In both continuities) and expand on how the character was raised and how It may have in fact impacted how she turned out as an individual, so this video Isn’t so much a ‘history of’ episode, but more so a psychological breakdown and analysis of a character and wether she Is justified In her actions and may be an individual thats misunderstood.

Now please do understand this Is all from my general knowledge of the series so please take it for what you will as It Is a interuptation and change of perspective to what you would actually see from In games, now with that being said please enjoy the video!

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