Klue #1 Queen and the song Bohemian Rhapsody. “Look up to the sky’s and see”… this song was released in 1975. Prince’s song Purple Rain was released in 1984. 9 years apart. Mortal Kombat 9 (the last game Rain made an appearance in), was released in 2011. 9 years ago. Klue # 1 goes to Rain.

Klue #2 Wes Cravens Nightmare on Elm Street trailer. Given that Ash was deconfirmed by Ed himself, Ashes relevance in this trailer, while it is alarming, will not influence the character I choose. Ed also clarified in a following tweet that it was somehow related to the title of the link. The two words that stuck out were “nightmare” and “horror”, possibly hinting at another horror guest character. The year 1984 had no other prominent horror characters besides Freddy and Jason, who have both seen MK appearances. Actually watching the trailer there was a lot to digest. One thing stuck out though, and it was the fact that characters fell through “portals” much like quan chi does in his move set. For Klue # 2 I would be split between Quan Chi and Micheal Myers, though given Ed’s statement about the title having relevance to the clue I am giving it to Micheal Myers.

Klue #3 Ed says “seriously #6”. This clue is the hardest in that there isn’t much information to dive upon. It could be saying there are six characters but in Ed’s most recent tweet he clarified that each clue hints to a different character. So, #6. Mortal Kombat deception was the sixth MK game. Ashrah, Nitara, and Hotaru all have 6 letters in their names. Any of these characters could have a good chance but given Nitara’s recent features in the MK Scorpions Revenge film, Klue # 3 is Nitara for me.

Klue #4 is a picture of Kobra from MK Deception and Ed labels the tweet “6 degrees…”. 🙂 there is a music group called “Cobra Skulls” and they have a song called 6 degrees. In the song there are some lines that sing, “now we walk up in the sky, we live from what has died, and can’t feel the fever as it floats on in the breeze.”… We live from what has died… (Souls)… we float up in the sky. Klue #4 goes to Ermac :).

I’ll do breakdowns for the other clues but let me know what you guys think!

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