Hey guys!

Welcome back to another Mortal Kombat video!

Welcome to (possibly) a new series to the channel,Mortal Kombat Bloodlines.
You see over the last few week Ive been covering a plethora of different characters that have dawned from the beginning of time and It got thinking of the importance of heritage and legacy In Mortal Kombat.
So the Bloodlines series will be revolving around a characters ancestry, where do they derive from, who taught them, how did they evolve Into what they are now.
Now in todays video, with how aftermath finished I wanted to talk about the Kung bloodline and importance of their name and skills to the series!

I hope you enjoyed It, consider this a somewhat pilot episode of an idea i came up with sometime ago, after covering multiple different characters In the series I really wanted to make something that ties those episodes and characters together!
So please do let me know If you enjoy this and would like more!

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