Hey guys, if you’re a regular around any video game subs you know the deal, but for those that don’t know what I’m talking about you might want to read this.

The format looks like this: A post with a pic of a cool shirt with a clever design, and in the comments is someone asking where to find it, and then another account linking to a webpage. Once you recognize one, you’ll see the same pattern in all of them. They also use stolen or hacked accounts to make it look more credible and convincing now (so also use this as a reminder to turn on your 2FA).

We get hit very hard with them, ranging from a few per week to a dozen per day, and every once in a while one falls through the cracks and isn’t nuked immediately, and when that happens we find them with a lot of upvotes.

Basically, it should be assumed that no matter what if you see a T-shirt or a hoodie as a post that it’s going to spam. There’s never an exception to the rule, so just report it, DM one of us, and then use some Google-Fu to find it from somewhere else if you really want it, because what’s linked is going to steal your money or credit card information.

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