One thing that’s always bothered me about Kombat League rewards is their exclusivity. I get the idea of wanting to get something out of playing competitively, I just don’t get the idea of excluding an entire portion of the community from getting that thing in the process, especially when there’s ways of keeping KL rewarding while allowing other players to share that reward.

Here’s my idea: Purchasable cosmetics. And no, I don’t mean the premium shop. As far as I’m aware, the premium shop exists as a situational shortcut for singleplayer gameplay, so my idea doesn’t really interfere with it outside of singleplayer content.

So, the idea is to make all non dlc cosmetics purchasable with koins. It’s easy, the difficult part are the prices. Here are some prices I came up with:

Base Gear – 75K each

Base Skins – 100K each

Kombat League Gear – 500K each (I’ll explain)

Kombat League Skins – 5 Million each (I’ll explain)

Cinematics – 250K each

Brutalities and Taunts – 200K each

The prices of the base skins and gear are based on their prices in the Krypt shrine, the prices of cinematics and finishers are more expensive than skins, because there’s fewer of them, and the reason why fatalities aren’t purchasable is because they’re never really locked, you just have to do the fatality, and then you unlock it.

As for Kombat League items, there’d have to be some changes made to KL to make this work. Firstly, allow KL players to unlock the items the moment they reach the corresponding rank. Secondly, increase the per-game koin rewards in KL, and have 5M koin rewards for challenges. And finally, only make rewards from previous seasons available for purchase until the end of the current season. This way, KL players get their skins and gear, and it’s exclusive to them for a period of time, and non KL players get to unlock the items later on. On top of that, players who missed earlier seasons will be able to unlock those rewards, and players who aren’t good enough to reach a certain rank are able to get their preferred skins when the season ends by getting their 5M koin rewards from challenges.

Why 5 Million? Because it’s expensive. ‘But I have 10M koins already!’ yeah, and once you’ve blown it on your favourite KL skins, what then? You’ll be back at square one, and while 5 Million is by no means a hard amount of koins to get in MK11 (it can always increase depending on how easy it is to make large amounts of koins), it isn’t a quick amount to get, either, and factor that in with current KL rewards being hidden away until the end of the season, and you get to keep the special satisfaction you get from getting your KL rewards without doing so at the expense of other players.

Another thing I don’t like about KL, is the fact that players are punished for not being good enough. In Overwatch, you’re able to purchase golden versions of each character’s weapons, and you do so with competitive points. You earn a different amount of points depending on the rank you reach during each season. Mortal Kombat says ‘Oh, you didn’t make it past warrior? Well, fuck you, you don’t get anything’, whereas Overwatch says ‘Oh, you didn’t make it past bronze? Well, you’re gonna have to wait longer to get your golden gun’. Sure it’s still annoying to play 10x more to get the same reward, but at least you’re actually getting the reward.

The only issue I see with my solution is that it makes towers of time the best way to make koins, and I fucking hate towers of time. I think to counteract this, NRS should *drastically* increase the amount of koins earned in Klassic Towers and non competitive Online play (the modes that are actually enjoyable). That way, there are ways outside of Towers of Time to get enough koins, and it’s not like ToT would be useless either, as it would still very much be a quicker way to unlock items than klassic towers and online play. As for the Krypt, they could always add more ways to make koins to the krypt, like getting extra koins for opening a box with an item in it you already have.

Mortal Kombat 11 is a full price AAA game, why the fuck should certain content be excluded for players who either don’t play a certain way or don’t play at a certain level? Personally, I don’t find playing against other players fun. This isn’t a case of ‘I spend my time zooming in on faces in the customisation menu, can I have my KL skins now?’, it’s more a case of someone playing a game and getting fuck all in return. I play games to have fun, I don’t play them to sit on my arse for hours at a time every day hating my life because NRS don’t know how to handle competitive play properly, but I know others do, and that’s fine, I just don’t like being excluded because I’m playing this game for my enjoyment, and not in a way that’d piss me off.

And to address the inevitable ‘it would be a slap in the face to kombat league players’ comment. No, it’d be a slap in the face for *selfish* kombat league players. If you hated playing Kombat League so much, then why wouldn’t you want to earn these cosmetics another way? If you want to waste hours of each day playing a game you like in a way you hate, then that’s your problem, don’t make it mine. For players who actually like playing competitively, then this is perfect for them, because they don’t miss out because they didn’t slave away hard enough to get their desired reward, and they still get to feel special, because they get things earlier.

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