The Lost Onaga/Goro Saga!

Hey guys and welcome back to another Mortal Kombat video!

Now In todays history of breakdown and analysis, since Ive been talking about him alot recently In my last few videos, today Ill be talking about the ancient ruler and former ruler of outworld, the dragon king Onaga!
Now to really dive into this character Ill need to dive all the back to the
original timeline and talk about events that predate the very first tournament at the beginning of the start of the universe.

Whilst I myself have my problems with the 3D era of games, one of the best ideas and characters to have come out of them was onaga, the master of shao kahn and a truely fitting vessel for the one being.
Onaga Is a one of a kind villain In the universe, truely feeling like a threat and monster in every sense of the word.

What are your thoughts on Onaga? Would you like to see him?
Would you have liked to see his merge with Goro?
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