Hey all.

I recently tried to play mortal Kombat x again on my PC, but it runs like it’s in slow motion. I got the game back in 2015 and it ran like a dream when I got it. I went through Warner Brothers support and exhausted every option and they basically told me that they would forward my issue to the developers and that nothing else could be done. I have a feeling that that’s going to kind of fall on deaf ears, unless we, as a community, push the team to release some sort of patch or fix or something. I tweeted with #FixMKXPC, and I would like to request that other people do the same.

After perusing fixes for my problem on my own, I noticed that a lot of people on this subreddit have experienced similar issues with nether realm games on their PCs. I really really want to play this game again because I adore it, and I think that if we show the devs how much we love this game and the series, they will release a fix of some sort.

Thanks peeps!

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