Mortal Kombat 11 is an M rated game. It’s so ultra-violent that it’s outright banned in certain countries and tournaments. Then why oh why when I try to name a variation anything that has the word “blood” or “hell” in it, the game says it’s invalid?

Seriously?! The word BLOOD?!

It’s especially baffling because a lot of the names of presets include these words! (Ex. Skarlet’s Blood Drive)

On that same note, the 16 character limit. I get variation names can’t be eternal because it wouldn’t take long until someone tried to name one the entirety of the Bee Movie script. But seriously. Kitana has a preset, called Daughter of Jerrod, which as you can see is 18 characters long, hence it doesn’t fit unless you delete the spaces. Why would NRS make names for presets that you can’t actually use in the variations?! This is seriously ridiculous!

Has anyone else experienced this? Or am I just getting to hung up on something meaningless? I’d really like to know

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