I like magical occult-type characters, but MK doesn’t have any good guys. Street Fighter has Rose, Tekken has Claudio. MK sorcerers have only ever been evil, and I think that’s a bit strange. In a world where fireballs and ice blasts come from martial arts training, there are no noble folks who study mystic arts the way Shang or Quan do and become heroes for Earthrealm or another realm. We’ve had Delia, but she’s barely involved and not playable.

I’d like to see a good sorcerer in MK12. In fact if it’s a prequel reboot, we could even see Shang Tsung as an entirely noble wizard. His MK11 bio says that he was born in Earthrealm but Outworld magic attracted him when he couldn’t find the power he wanted. There might have been a time in his life when he was learning to use his sorcery for good, and Liu could rewrite history so that Shang aids the fight against a brand new villain.

One of his MK11 intros has his brother Shang Lao, which was Tsung’s name in development. Maybe Shang Lao could be a good sorcerer?

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