Just finished replaying MK11 aftermath and I forgot how exited originally was to see the possibility of the next MK games taking place in a timeline we have yet to see. I was thinking about the characters and plot we might see in the next game. It’s obvious that most of the character we know and love won’t make a appearance based on the fact that this next will takes place way before most of them were born. The Great Lung also will likely take the role of main character as Liu Kang takes over as advising god, Raiden will probably be in the game in his new mortal form. For a villain I would really hope for a fresh face as I think it would be great to see Onaga as the next villain, with the new timeline maybe it could be modified that Onaga ran the first Earthrealm tournament with Shao Kahn as his advisor. Characters like Kitana, Sindel, and Jade could appear since Edenia would be conquered at this point if that part of the time line is still correct.
This would also be a good time to introduce new characters like maybe a older Nightwolf and I would love to see one of Johnny Cage’s ancestors so maybe we get a better explanation to his powers.
What are some predictions for story and characters you guys have.

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