Mortal Kombat! Now if you haven’t played this game, you’re seriously missing out. As you can see, you get to choose characters such as the TERMINATOR and JOKER!

It is truly is a fight till death. Tune in to see who get’s vanquished. Also, not to mention the loser had to have a whole chunk of raw cinnamon! Hmm, are you guys wondering who that may be? 😉

Let us know in the comments below what ya’ll think and if you have any other exciting challenges that the future loser may have to consider!

Tanviya Sapru –…
Naser Al Azzeh –…

Edited by – Aryan Yadav (… )

Logo credits- Maryann Vincent
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Animation Outro- Kevin Joseph ( )

Shout out to Entertainment store for hooking us up with some goodies in the background. (… )